Adhesive Sealing Films

Porvair MicroBurst™ Microencapsulated clear sealing film

Using adhesive seals whilst wearing laboratory gloves can prove to be difficult. The glued surface of the seal can easily stick to your glove rather than your microplate. Porvair MicroBurst™ films eliminate this problem. When first handled, MicroBurst™ is not tacky and will not stick to anything. Only when you are satisfied that the film is in the correct place do you press down hard to activate the MicroBurst™ adhesive. Millions of tiny spheroids contain the adhesive and these “microcapsules” burst under applied pressure to release the adhesive just where you want it and not all over your gloves!

The patented MicroBurst™ technology is being offered for the first time in a Life Science laboratory by Porvair Sciences. The clear film has excellent optical properties and once activated, produces a very firm seal which quickly strengths to form a near-permanent seal on your plates. MicroBurst™ film can be pierced by pipette tips or robot liquid handlers and is temperature stable – making it ideal for PCR work.

Product Description
SealPlate Clear adhesive film for PP or PS plates
Product code: 229016
ThermalSeal Standard PCR
Product code: 229303
ThermalSeal Standard PCR Sterile
Product code: 229304
EZ-Pierce easily pierced polyethylene
Product code: 229306
AeraSeal Breatheable seal Rayon - Sterile
Product code: 229308
X-pierce pre-scored film 96 Well Round - sterile
Product code: 229495
X-pierce pre-scored film 96 Well Round
Product code: 229496
Aluma Seal 96
Product code: 229497
Aluma Seal CS
Product code: 229499
Absorb Max light blocking film
Product code: 229520
Thermal Seal RT2RR
Product code: 229521
Gas Permeable Moisture barrier Clear Seal, cut to 96 well pattern
Product code: 500120
Gas Permeable Moisture barrier Clear Seal, cut to 384 well pattern
Product code: 500121
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