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Epigenetics supplies


Porvair Pipettes are manufactured in virgin crystal polystyrene to ensure consistent quality and are available with five capacities: 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25ml. The 1, 2 and 5ml pipettes are a single-piece extrusion, whilst 10 and 25ml are ultrasonically welded at the tip and mouth-piece. All graduations are calibrated for accurate dispensing to within ±2% and negative graduations allow for additional working volume. All pipettes are supplied with a filter plug and are sterile, individually wrapped in easy to open packs and non-pyrogenic.

Our high quality polypropylene filter tips are supplied in convenient, sturdy, lidded racks which are autoclavable if sterility is compromised. Tips are available in three sizes: 0.1-10μl, 10-200μl and 100-1000μl and fit most popular makes of pipette, including Gilson™, Eppendorf™, Pipetman™, ThermoFisher™ and Biohit™.

Ultrajet pipette controller

The ergonomic design, light weight and powerful motor of our new Ultrajet Pipette controller gives you unrivalled ease of use and accurate control of aspirate and dispense volumes. The Ultrajet has a disposable syringe filter inside to protect it from over-filling and a snug neoprene collar to firmly grip the pipette and ensure good directional control. It has been designed to work with all sizes of Porvair pipettes from 1 to 25ml and will fill the largest in just 6 seconds. A rechargeable lithium battery ensures no unsightly cables trailing across the bench and the unit can be stored on the handy self adhesive bench hook. Supplied with European 220V charger.

Syringe Filters

Syringe/Vacuum driven filters are an essential way to purify cell culture media and we can supply these with three popular membranes:

PES (polyethersulfone) has a low-affinity for proteins and extractables; suitable for pre-filtration and filtration of buffers and culture media.

MCE (mixed cellulose ester) is ideal for filtration of aqueous solutions; as it effectively binds trace proteins.

Nylon providing a broad range of chemical compatibility for the filtration of either aqueous or organic solvents. It is hydrophobic and can be used in a broad pH range.


‘Easy Flip’ centrifuge tubes are the answer for onehanded operation with a secure flip-cap lid that can also be unscrewed, yet is leak proof. They can be spun up to 9400g and will withstand autoclaving at 121ºC or storage at -80ºC. Our standard 15 and 50ml centrifuge tubes have thin clear polypropylene walls and can withstand 8000g and 12000g respectively. Self-standing centrifuge tubes are supplied in the popular 50ml size with conical bottoms and an outer collar that allows the tube to stand on a bench and can withstand 6000g.

Microcentrifuge tubes

Our PCR and Microcentrifuge tubes and PCR strips are thin-walled to ensure good heat transfer and made from DNA/RNA, DNAase/RNAase and pyrogen free virgin polypropylene with a high light transmittance. Microfuge tubes can withstand up to 18000g and come in three sizes: 2.0ml, 1.5ml and 0.2ml. Clear tips for best pellet visibility are complemented by frosted upper walls for ease of marking.

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