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96-well shallow round

Porvair Sciences has developed a number of quality storage/collection plates to help in the fields of cell biology, molecular biology, drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, screening and genomics. The plates are manufactured under clean room conditions and a significant number are DNase/RNase free. Made to give lasting excellent service our plates are of the highest standards.

Constructed entirely from polypropylene, to give them an inert material giving heat and solvent resistant qualities, they are extremely hard wearing. Porvair Sciences offers one of the largest combination of well shape, number of wells and well volume on the market. All are made to the ANSI/SBS format for compatibility with most readers/washers and automated equipment.

Porvair Sciences offers three plates with well capacities of 350μl, 270μl and 220μl. They have flat-, round- or V-bottoms and can be used for compound storage and mixing. The choice is yours and they come with many other useful features.

They are manufactured in polypropylene
Come with an alphanumeric grid reference designed with both a Round and V-bottom to allow greater liquid removal and particulate collection They have raised rims to both improve sealing and stop cross contamination

Cat No Product Description Details
208003 Polypropylene, Flat Bottom raised rim 96 well 350ul More Information
209003 Polypropylene, Round Bottom raised rim 96 well 350ul More Information
210003 Polypropylene, V Bottom rimless 96 well 350ul More Information