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The development of a 48-well solid-phase  extraction (SPE) system allows the step between SPE cartridges and SPE 96-well plates to be managed. 

With the larger packed bed volume and increased sample volume,  he design of the MaxiLute™ offers advantages for drug development, food and environmental laboratories currently using SPE cartridges.

Manufactured from virgin polypropylene and loaded with a choice of sorbents and volumes.


  • Unique design eliminates mess associated with traditional manualSPE cartridge methods
  • Up to 4 times faster than cartridge method.
  • Constructed from a single piece of high quality polymer which will not bend or distort
  • A range of packed bed volumes ranging from 250mg, through to 1500mg
  • Capability to process up to 200ml of sample in one plate
  • Frit pore size of 20μm 
  • Each well has an individual drain spout ensuring 100% sample transfer and zero cross contamination 
  • Manufactured within ANSI/SBS standard to allow easy automation

Porvair's flexible manufacturing approach enables us to consider manufacture of small runs of MaxiLute™ devices packed with specialty resins or sorbents of your choice. Typically, minimum runs of just 50 plates  Can be produced economically.

Please contact Porvair Sciences for more details of this service.