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MicroLute manifold

The MicroLute™ vacuum manifold from Porvair Sciences is precision machined from crystal clear acrylic (top plate) and acetal polymer (plenum chamber). The acrylic top plate allows visual access to the plenum chamber for checking progress of the separation process.

  • Designed to take most filter plates manufactured to the SBS/ANSI specification with long drip directors
  • Also designed so that SPE plates can be used, especially the Porvair Sciences MicroLute™ plate
  • Fitted with valve controller to ensure accurate adjustments of vacuum to the manifold
  • On/off valve for speed of use
  • Square well collection plate volumes of 350μl, 1ml and 2ml may be used. Any plate up to 44mm in height can be used
  • Fitted with a custom O-ring in upper surface allowing airtight interface between plates during operation
  • Removable top plate to install reservoir tray or collection plate
  • Chamber has a medium resistance to alcohols and weak acids

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Cat No Product Description Details
228008 Acrylic manifold to hold deepwell capture plates More Information
228007 Replacement gasket, profile (to fit between top plate and vacuum chamber), for 228005/228008 More Information
228009 Replacement gasket, flat (to fit top plate below Microlute?), for 228008 More Information
228010 Spacer Insert, Polypropylene, 1ml, to allow use of round well Polypropylene microplates (219002) in Acrylic and Aluminium deep well manifold (228008, 228005) More Information
228012 Spacer Insert, HDPE, 350l, to allow use of 350l Microplates in Acrylic manifold (228008) More Information
228001 Single plate manifold, high impact polystyrene, for filter plates More Information