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96-well DNA Purification Plates

  • Wednesday 25th January 2017
  • Dr Bill Bradbury

Chromatrap® reports on the excellent results achieved by customers using their 96 well high throughput plates for ultra-pure DNA purification.

Using proprietary filtration media that offer much higher loadings of active material, assay times of less than 5 minutes are routinely achievable. Customers report that using Chromatrap® DNA purification kit that DNA samples ranging from 50 bp up to 23 kb can be purified with up to 98% recovery. In addition up to 50µg of DNA can be recovered efficiently and quickly using this kit.

The Chromatrap® DNA purification kit has been proven to purify and concentrate samples from PCR mixtures, ChIP and restriction enzyme digestions. This is achieved by using proprietary buffers that are optimised to remove any unwanted impurities while providing efficient DNA recovery from samples.

Using this unique kit researchers are able to routinely purify up to 10 µg DNA in small elution volumes (5-10 µl), providing a cleaner and more concentrated sample required for applications such as library preparation for DNA sequencing.

For further information please visit or contact Chromatrap® on / +44-1978-666222.

Chromatrap® is a business unit of Porvair Sciences Ltd. with R&D and production laboratories based in the UK. Their extensive product range includes ChIP kits, DNA clean up kits and other innovative products for epigenetic research. Now cited in approaching thirty papers Chromatrap ChIP technology is rapidly becoming the method of choice for fast accurate ChIP assays.


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