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High Performance ChIP Assays from Nanograms of Starting Material

  • Tuesday 26th September 2017
  • Dr Bill Bradbury

Chromatrap has demonstrated that its unique solid state patented technology allows for ChIP-seq assays to be routinely performed from as little as 500ng of chromatin.

Traditionally availability of starting material has been a major problem for epigenetics researchers. The available techniques for tackling small samples which provide low yields of chromatin are usually long and complex, and involve pooling or the spiking of samples with chromatin from another source. Using Chromatrap® ChIP-seq assay kits, which give you an incredibly high signal-to-noise ratio, it is possible to start with samples as small as 500ng and achieve high recovery of DNA for downstream applications such as next generation sequencing.

The Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq kit is a highly sensitive kit that can be used for both qPCR and sequencing. Utilising patented solid-state technology, the Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq kit can deliver a streamlined ChIP-Seq protocol from tiny amounts of starting material and low chromatin concentrations. Specifically designed to work with broad chromatin concentrations, this new ChIP-Seq kit combines the dynamic range of Chromatrap® with the downstream analysis power of deep sequencing. This allows faster, more reproducible genome wide identification of transcription factor binding sites and specific DNA associated protein modifications.

For further information please visit or contact Chromatrap now on / +44-1978-666222.

Chromatrap is a business unit of Porvair Sciences Ltd. with R&D and production laboratories based in the UK. Their extensive product range includes ChIP kits, DNA clean up kits and other innovative products for epigenetic research. Now cited in approaching thirty papers - Chromatrap® ChIP technology is rapidly becoming the method of choice for fast accurate ChIP assays.


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